I'm a writer, a programmer, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog owner and, in my few spare moments, I teach Aikido in North Devon...

But let's talk about the writing.

I've been a writer all my life. I was eleven when I first started selling articles to newspapers and magazines. In the 1980s I became a pop music journalist and interviewed stars ranging from Simon Le Bon and Adam Ant to Randy Crawford and The Weather Girls. After that I moved into computer journalism, writing about programming, editing magazines, doing multimedia presentations and TV.
Just a few of the fine magazines for which I wrote in the '80s

For a while the 1990s I was a magazine publisher. And now I write novels... and I publish them myself!

But eeek! (I hear you cry) isn’t self-publishing the same as vanity publishing? Well, that’s certainly the way it used to be perceived in the book publishing world. In the magazine publishing world, with which I am more familiar, independent publishing has no such stigma. Recall that I said I was a publisher myself in the ’90s. To become I publisher, I went into partnership with another reckless fool, we stumped up tens of thousands of pounds of our own hard-earned cash and we printed a magazine. The major newsagents agreed to distribute it and then had second thoughts (they said the magazine was rude! Ha! Just because it had a picture of a man’s naked bottom impersonating Elvis Presley on the cover!) But we’d already paid for the printing and when newsagents refused to sell the magazine, it cost us a fortune in lost revenues.

E-Publishing is altogether more civilised. All you need to publish a book is talent and determination. The financial outlays are minimal. I am utterly convinced that this is the face of the future. The whole clunky network of agents, publishers, distributors and bookshops is going to become a thing of the past. Authors no longer need them. We can communicate directly with our readers. Those authors who write books that people want to read will succeed; those who don’t, won’t. And the writer is not at the mercy of the publishers and distributors. They cannot bring you to the brink of financial ruin on a whim...

This Blog is devoted to my book publishing experiences. It will discuss eBook and print-on-demand publishing. It will provide technical and marketing information and it will in all probability digress into other areas too. If you are a keen reader or a writer please bookmark this site and feel free to leave comments on my articles.

We are in this together now, so we’d better get to know one another!

Huw Collingbourne