Saturday, 16 April 2011

E-Publishing, Print Publishing and T. rex

Joe Konrath is one of the best selling Kindle-published novelists in the world. That means he is also one of the best selling novelists in the world. According to his Wikipedia entry he spent twelve years “garnering close to five hundred rejections for nine unpublished novels”.

He is a passionate advocate of self-publishing. He has no time for the inferiority complex from which some self-published authors still suffer. Indeed, on the contrary, he holds the view that self-publishing is where the action is at and that traditional or ‘legacy’ publishing is hanging on the way that the T rex clung on after the meteor hit: “While ebooks may not be an extinction level event, they will become the most popular way to read books.”

Konrath posted a great article on his blog this week explaining is views. If you have any doubts about the merits of self-publishing I recommend you read that post. As one of the big self-publishing successes the man knows what he’s talking about!

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